Vidéo Influence of eccentric strength training on enhancement of maximal muscle strength, explosive force and muscle power - Consequences on athletic performance


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  • Publié le 7 juillet 2014

Maximal muscle strength and power can be maximized by means of resistance training. Heavy-resistance strength training (HRST) leads to increased contractile force production during isometric, concentric and eccentric muscle actions of maximal voluntary effort. Corresponding effects of HRST on maximal muscle power production may be observed, while more specialized types of resistance training (i.e. plyometric exercise, eccentric training) also appear effective of inducing gains in maximal muscle power production. The Lecture will discuss the effect of supramaximal eccentric (ECC) training on the maximal force and power production of human skeletal muscle in athletes as well as untrained subjects. Furthermore, the effect of ECC training on neuromuscular function will be addressed. Neuromuscular activity is suppressed during maximal eccentric (ECC) muscle contraction in untrained subjects, due to reduced levels of central activation and reduced efferent motor neuron outflow indicated by diminished evoked V wave responses. HRST results in elevated H-reflex and V wave responses during MVC, indicating increased excitability of spinal motor neurons, decreased presynaptic inhibition and elevated descending motor drive. In addition, ECC strength training leads to increased V wave responses during maximal ECC contraction, indicating that adaptive changes in spinal motor neuron function and/or descending motor drive are responsible for the observed gains in ECC muscle strength. ECC training may lead to greater increases in maximal muscle strength compared to conventional HRST, in part due to an amplified muscle hypertrophy following ECC training. The greater gains in maximal muscle strength is expected to result in greater increases in maximal muscle power, since power is constituted by muscle force multiplied by instantaneous myofiber shortening speed. ECC training may induce sarcomere addition and consequently lead to elongated muscle fiber lengths. Notably, the resulting increase in maximal fiber shortening speed contributes substantially to the expected gain in maximal muscle power induced by ECC training

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